The Project of MadhurBhav provides the ambiances as Home like atmosphere formal as well as informal in terms of Environment (happy & free) not much rules for organisation stay. Any senior who will stay at home same comforts we provide to MadhurBhav residents. They feel very safe and secure environment.


  • Today Madhur Bhav has two claves, three pets, one cat. All these animal creates love and affection among seniors, they have lot of positivity with them. Which help our seniors to take care for them for food & water.

  • Music is key for keeping them engaged and also participate in sound and music with light classical old Hindi Movies & Marathi Movies. Music Helps Dementia patient to help recover the memory.

  • This helps them to get engaged and forget about their illness and spend time with lot of attention from everybody to draw best drawing and colors too, at times they are demanding for different types of art work and therapies. It improves their motor control and thinking process and helps to bring out emotions very clearly. It depends on what color they choose to paint, we can make the judgement for their behavior pattern too.

  • Sport activities and physical exercise give them confidence to perform all daily activities. It develop the competitive spirit among them and became very focus and attentive too.


  • Home like


  • CCTV


  • Power


  • Highly trained


  • 24x7 Medical &

    Nursing staff

  • Walking/Jogging


  • Timely medical

    check ups

  • Sports & Games

  • Organic kitchen


  • Temple in


  • Recreation room

    with Library

  • Well equipped


  • Healthy

    vegetarian food

  • Daily housekeeping



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