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Our Story

‘MadhurBhav’ is an initiative started half a decade ago by AJ Foundation, is now availing help, to celebrate the joy of ageing day by day. The sweet emotion attached in this creation is the real reason of its growth and genuine service over the five year span. AJ Foundation have started keeping in mind the need of the hour where children may not be able to look after their elderly at home due to several reasons like busy life schedule, geographically staying apart, frequent travelling, special medical & nursing needs.

As this began in the memory of Shri. Madhuri & Madhukar Bhave - parents of our Chairperson, Mrs. Anjali.Deshpande, is today connecting to the emotion of care that our homes have been successfully offering and helping the second innings to be happy, healthy and peaceful. We provide best of the assisted care living, geriatric care in and around Pune.

Mission & Vision

At AJ Foundation, health care does not stop at merely treating patients, we believe in the overall well-being of patients, which includes their social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being, with a view to promoting their dignity and self-esteem.

AJ Foundation strives to respond to their specific needs for attention and care that go far beyond medical intervention.

'We desire to live with and for them'




Managing Chairman

With a Masters degree in Gerontology from TISS Mumbai, Anjali holds over 10 years of experience in senior care giving.

A multitasker and compassionate person, Anjali quickly bonds with residents and people visiting Madhur Bhav.




A techie by profession, Harshad has been instrumental in bringing in innovative reforms in management, operations and infrastructure to enhance the quality of stay and healthcare in the facility.

An avid traveler, music lover and coffee aficionado.


Vitthal Karangale

Facility Supervisor


Poonam Bathe

Accounts & Administration


Bidit Roy

Films & Creatives, Trustee

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